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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Suggest me a good camera!!!

Sony Cybershot DSC W320

My birthday is coming up. I have plenty in my wish list of course. But for now, I don't think I will be able to have them for now coz they are too expensive (e.g: my dream car and house) hahaha... Currently, the only thing that I am focused on getting is a good camera... I am consfused actually... there are so many selections out there... I am so scared that I will get the wrong one and regret it later...

I heard Sony is a great camera but I had some bad experiences with sony cameras and I am not so confident in the brand. But yet, when I was looking at other cameras, I keep coming back to Sony. What do u think??

I am sure, u guys have a better camera coz when I browse through your blogs, I find that the picture quality is extremely good... Is that skills or good camera?? Oh yeah, I would also like to take videos using that camera... So, people, what should I get??


Teh Tarik Drinker said...

would suggest a canon s90. has the features of a dslr, minus the weight of it. :)

melmonica said...

What type of cameras are you interested? If digicam, Nikon would be a great one. Although not many people are using it, but it is one of the hidden treasures.

If you have a bit of budget, then suggest you to go for semi-pro camera. Like Canon G10/G11.

And if you have the money, go for DSLR! Lots of SLR quality out for an affordable prize. Wait for the Nikon D7000, heard that it's a worth buying camera. Me currently using D5000, drop by my blog to check out the quality pictures. I am no professional but hey, everyone gotta start somewhere right? Hehe.


ken said...

more on skills i guess.. =)

Vinnie said...

@teh tarik drinker: Thank you, for your suggestion... are u using canon s90 too...

@melmonica: I am already starting to fall in love with nikon after seeing pictures in your blog. said...

still alot great cameras outthere.

canon g11,s90, lumix lx3 or lx5, ricoh gx2.. n much more!