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Sunday, September 26, 2010

DIGI iPhone 4 Real


Digi is offering the greatest plan of all. Yes, I can smell your skepticalism... I am positive after my thorough research, I have come to a conclusion that Digi's plan is the best. RM58 only for unlimited internet, calls and sms!!! Wow, that's a great deal... My hands are really itchy to get it... in fact, I think this plan is just perfect for me... for mor information, check it out here

Next, for those who wanted to get iPhone 4 with this plans, you will get a great deal too... Check this out...

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry, go to the nearest branch to get this wonderful package for you...

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGiiPhone 4 Me

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sony Walkman NWZ-W252/W253

I'm not a big fan of walkman. But since we've bought the treadmill, working out for 20 minutes with only TV as entertainment is really boring. I couldn't watch TV while running because I had to watch side ways and it's painful to the eyes coz the image is not static.

I was thinking about using a normal walkman while I do the workout but the wire keeps interfering my movement and it falls off from my ear frequently. So, the only solution I could do was to ho
ld the earpiece on my ears while running. Of course, that look ridiculous and not to mention very uncomfortable.

So, I went to the PC Fair to get a HDD Drive but along the way I came upon the Sony booth and I fell in love with the Sony Walkman W252. It's waterproof which means you can even use it if you run in rain. But who is going to run when it's raining. :)

It features the Zapping technology and you can drag and drop your favourite song, just like saving in your thumbdrive.  It can be supercharged and lasts for 11 hours. In fact 3 minutes charging offers 90 minutes playback. So, when you are in hurry to go to gym, you definitely can trust this one to entertain you.  When Running fast, the ear piece does not fall and I felt really comfortable with it.
                                                                                          The Sony walkman and the USB Charger
However, when I sweat, the ear piece is a bit slippery which makes it to slide off from my ear. You can rectify it by getting a smaller and larger earpiece which u can buy in any sony stores. The standard size is medium.

It supports MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV audio files. Retail price is RM299 and it comes with a cover which holds the player in place. So, you don't have to bring this barehand. Oh, it comes in 4 colours, namely lime green, pink, white and black. I personally liked lime green but since it was out of stock I bought the white coz my husband will definitely go crazy if I have bought pink lol :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Benefits Sugar Bomb and YouRebel Lite

My latest addition to my Make-up Kit is the Benefit You Rebel which contains SPF15 and Benefits Sugar Bomb. Actually, I’ve always wanted to get this ever since I saw my favourite Youtube Guru, itsjudytime used it in one of her tutorial. But since I had a MAC’s foundation, I didn’t buy it earlier. 

However, lately, my skin is not in good condition, probably due to my hormone. My face was clean from acnes and spots but now, it looks reddish and prone to acne. My dark eye circle has become worse. I am telling you, my face has never been like this… I hate HORMONES…

Anyway, back to YOUREBEL, I think the Rebel made my skin not to be rebellious :) and it's a lot softer and not so dry. My skin was peeling because it was very … very dry, but after spreading this on my face, I no longer have the problem. In fact, my face looks glowy. I've been using this quite a while and I just love this product. I don’t need foundation as this precious contains a touch of tint and did I mention it contains SPF 15, aloe vera and vitamins. Perhaps that’s what makes it to have the healthy glow… :) if you are wondering about the price, it's RM 123.

SUGARBOMB has the most attractive package. That’s why I was attracted to it in the first place. The blusher gave my cheek a natural blush. This BOMB is a mix of peach, mauve, pink & rose. You can even powder them on your face to give you an extra healthy glow. But I find it to be a bit pricey just for a blusher which is RM130.

Yup! the blusher costs more than the YouRebel. I guess $$$ does not show as a big problem when you really want to make yourself beautiful. Hahaha...

I think buying this products online is way cheaper than buying it here in Malaysia. You can get them at They give free international shipping if you purchase more than $115. So, all you got to do is get a few friends and start buying. They give some freebies frequently too if you have sign up for their newsletter.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Reebok Crosswalk V7 Treadmill

Ever since i started working, I've stop taking care of my health... I don't exercise much and I've put up almost 10kg in 5 years. Trust me, gaining weight was not easy for me because I've been 44kg since I was 18. However, I started working at 25 and I've started putting on weight. But now, I think i've reached maximum coz for almost 3 years i'm static at 53kg.

Anyway, I"m 30 this year and if I start practising healthy life, I might be having heart attack at the age of 35 ( I do have a friend who passed away because of heart attack at a mere age of 30). So, my family was looking for a good treadmill because we all get lazy to go to gym. Furthermore, the gym in our neigbourhood is not fully equipped and sometimes we had to queue to use the treadmill...

To make long story short, we have found Reebok Crosswalk V7 Treadmill. I didn't know reebok makes treadmill. But it's a pretty good investment.Reason?? It has different type of endurance, such as for performance, weight loss and aerobic. The treadmill has a slot where you can slot in an i-fit card. When we purchase the treadmill we got 2 i-fit cards for free. One was for weight loss and another is powerwalk.

The cost is RM5,999. Oh, the treadmilll also have the crosswalk upper body arms which help you to burn 22% more calories and increase your cardio benefits and heart rate by 18%. Ever since I've started using it (for about 2 months), i've lost about 2 kilo. I exercise once a week only coz my metabolic rate is a bit on the highside. I feel lighter and healthier. 

You can get this at your nearest fitnessconcept store. We bought this in their branch located in One-Utama.  

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Bag

Last week, I went to Pavilion. I think that was my 3rd visit. I don't go there very often coz it's far n quite expensive. Anyway, I followed my colleagues malathy n sumathy. They wanted yo buy a handbag.

I had no intention of buying one for myself. However, I found one which really caught my eye. The brand is Pierre ballman n the original price was RM 235. Sales price was at RM139.99. It can fit my big make-up bag n my mini handbag which I bring along for a short distance. There was only one left. So, I quickly bought it... and I really love love love this bag...

JS Hair Shampoo for Dry Hair

I have been scouting for a good shampoo which does not contain SLS (sodium Laureal Sulphate). Unfortunately, most of the shampoos do contain this substance. I was using Bodyshop's Hair Shampoo.. although it is good and makes my hair soft... but it is a bit too expensive. A small bottle cost about RM39.90 and it lasts me about 3 months. That doesn't include the hair conditioner which is another RM39.90 as well...

So, one day I went to Kcareshop which was newly opened shop in Bandar Sri Damansara. I went there to get a round brush. And I found this...
I have never heard this brand before, so i was skeptical at first. But I've been using this for almost a year, I'm telling you, this is the best shampoo i've ever used. I tried other shampoos such as sunsilk, rejoice, etc... they make my hair really dry. So, I'm sticking to this brand till I die... hahaha... anyway, I bought the biggest bottle which was 800ml (both shampoo and hair condioner) for only RM156. I even got a small bottle of conditioner for free. And the best part is it lasted for a year. Yup, u heard me right, FOR A YEAR... i wash my hair 2 days once. I think it's a pretty good deal... hehehe...

oh yeah, u can also purchase this at make sure u be a member too because you can turn your points to cash. I'm collecting my points too... :)