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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Whoa!!! My nuffnang earning was reduced...

Yup, I got a shock when I saw that my nuffnang earnings was reduced... but don't worry... it was actually there were some mistakes in the system... they mistakenly inserted twice the earning of that month... I rejoiced when I saw my earnings was a lot this week... then got shocked when it was reduced the next day... I thought I did something wrong... later I received email from nuffnang indicating about the error and apologised...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Life is so busy...

Adoii.... been very busy lately... i fell like time flies away so fast... cam baru je kelip mata, i am already at the end of the year... i've just started up my own, once I come back from work... my activity is to update my blog diligently... no more laziness for me..  well, I know it's rather early for me to start my own domain... but I'm afraid if i decided to do it later... then, I have to start up my whole effort of making it known again..

My new domain is at I took it up at I did lots of research and I find that ihosterz is the cheapest among all the other available webhost in Malaysia. I prefer to get it locally coz it is easier to reach them in case there are problems in the futuer... furthermore, I think overseas webhosts are usually attended by machines and not humans... And the most important thing, I sokong Malaysia la... hahaha... 

Anyway, I am going to maintain this blog for my daily ramblings... so, I might need to change the title to cosmocrazewoman's Daily Ramblings... hahaha...

Friday, November 12, 2010

HTC Aria DiGi Final Review -Entertainment

Hehehe, I love phones which is able to kill my boredom and I am certain that most of us do too... HTC Aria offers just that, my dear friends... You can equipped it with high class entertainment for sure, thanks to the Android Market. You might think that since Android is still new, they do not have many free applications... EEEKKKK (Buzzer sound), you are so wrong!!!... Android has so so so so many free applications in the Android Market. I was freaking surprised when I saw the amount of cool applications that they have... and the best part is, it's free... They have almost all the applications that I wanted in my phone... As I mentioned before, HTC Aria can be perfect Personal Assistance for you, wait... wait... I can hear you asking my why is that so??? I've listed down why I think it is a perfect PA, and after reading my entry, I am sure you'll be grabbing your wallet and head to the nearest digi store to get the Aria with the smart plan for yourself.

 1. Music - you can listen to your favourite music when you are commuting in a public transport. No need to bring a mp3 player
 2. When you want some fun, you can play games


Pacman is back rocking in Aria
3.To work out your rusty brain, try IQ Tester

4. Going shopping, tag Aria along with you, list down all your necessities and key in the price, as you buy them, all you need to do is tick it off your list. Now, you have a great reason to go shopping

6. Would like to track your money, use EEBA

Budget your expenses and record your daily transaction
So, now do you agree with me??? It's an awesome company right... This is my last review and I will be returning this beauty to Nuffnang... I am so sad to depart HTC Aria as I am getting really fond of it... I am not going to be able to play my favourite game 'Frog' and buy groceries, I've got to go back to plain paper. I am really looking forward for the day to be reunited with Aria.

Anyway, readers, if you are looking for a good phone which you expect to be a great companion which does finance, play games, help you to shop or connect you to the world, and at a good price, get Aria at DiGi as cheap as RM799 (RP - RM1799) with plan as low as RM68.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HTC Aria Part3 - Communication

HTC Aria is a great device to be utilised as a social device. Youngsters would definitely love this device. With Digi Smart Plan, it's not necessary to communicate with your friends using voice plan but simply log on to Google Talk, Twitter, Facebook, Pluckr and Flickr.

I personally prefer to use google talk and Facebook to reach to my friends. I can see my friends updates where ever and when ever I want. Next, HTC Aria is integrated with HTC Sense, which means all your communications are organised by people and not by application.

To view the messages, you can view it in the conversation mode, that means you no longer need to find your reply in the phone, You can view the the entire conversation with your friend just by selecting the person. I love this feature the most in HTC.

Other than that, with Friends Stream, you can see your friends updates ono FB, Tweets and Flickr automatically. You too can update it at one go. You can sync your contact via FBtoo, in fact, Aria has actually listed my FB friends contact details into the phone automatically, I don't even have to bluetooth my contact card to Aria. Pretty cool huh... that means, now I don't have to crack my head figuring how to trasfer all my contacts to Aria (I know, you can bluetooth the contacts but trasferring data from smartphone such as Nokia to HTC Device can be tedious).  

As for business users, Aria is designed with enhance features such as password protection and remote data swipe. You can access your business email, address book and calendar on the go. You can even set the Out of Office statement right from your phone. 

Internet access also is a breeze in Aria. Professionals and business persons will find this most useful as they can do mobile check-in on the go. Aria allows tethering which means if you have your laptop/netbook, you can use Aria as broadband to get online. Hence, a modem is no longer necessary and you can pack light when you are on the move.
Access news on the go too, just click the news icon...
Check and delete your emails at breeze... when you receive your email, there'll be notification on the uppler left corner, just slide and access your email. to delete it, just tick them and click delete... It is that simple...

For a slim and small phone, it is certainly packed with good features which covers almost everything... get Aria at Digi Online Shop

HTC Aria 2nd Part Review- Productivity

Android, I wonder how they come up with the name… but it sounds cool though… and I love the Icon for android… looks like the robot from Star Wars, the only thing is it's green and white… hahaha…

Well, I am not sure how many of you out there who is well versed in the Android, I am certainly not one of the group. I’ve been using Windows all this while. Previously, I own HTC Touch and now HTC HD2. When I got this phone, Digi staff was telling me that HD2 is definitely more high tech than Aria and I might think that it is not as good as HD2… I beg to differ…

As you can see, I slide the screen horizontally to access other interface

Speed HTC Aria runs Google’s Android OS 2.1 and it didn’t take me long to master it. I was amazed because I find the touch screen responds faster than my HD2… I gave the phone to a colleague of mine (who uses iPhone) to get his feedback, he also responded that the touch screen is a lot smoother and very fast. My colleague was quite impressive when I said that Aria at DiGi is RM799 only, which is very very reasonable… (I have convinced my friends to get them and 2 of my friends have already bought it… hahaha... i can get commission for being PRO for digi :P)

The speed 600Mhz is good enough for this device coz it doesn’t lag (my HD2 lags so much now :( sad…) I have downloaded some games and other productivity programmes (which I will review later) but I found that it still runs fast and quick to respond as well.

Camera is way better than my HD2 because it has face detection and it minimize the shaking problem. Unfortunately, Aria does not come with built in flash, so the camera is only good if you take pictures under good lighting. I am sure this is not a big problem coz lots of people carries a camera everywhere (I am one of the people… hehehe my lovely Nikon coolpix S3000) Other than that, you can take video and it can be zoomed in and out.

It’s a bit cumbersome to take your own picture because there is no camera button on the side, you need to press the joystick button to take pictures.

Battery Life is relatively good. Lower number of calls, play games once in a while, check emails and browse internet (wifi switched on automatically when it detects wireless), the battery lasted about 1 ½ day. I think it’s pretty good for 1200mAh battery.

By the way, you can never get lost with Aria coz everything that you need whether from your phone or internet, all you got to do is press the search key and find what you are looking for.
I just key in 3 beginning letters and it shows the results
Next, the calendar is an awesome feature for both business users, professionals or students. You can input your appointment and it can be featured in one of the interface in the main screen. 

Do you guys get lost when ever you try to go somewhere... well, I do... so, MAPS come to the rescue... Maps is connected to the google, so, you always get the updated map

If you ask me, Aria is your perfect personal assistance.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Citibank, Pizza Hut Contest

Been a busy week lately due to Deepavali celebration... I didn't have much time to update my blog... anyway, I really wanted to find time to do my review on HTC Aria and participate all the contest organised by NUFFNANG, must do all of them by this week...

So, as I was surfing my blog I saw the pizza hut ad on the exremely cheesy pizza, for those who don't know nuffnang organised a contest sponsored by Pizza Hut (of course) and the grand prize is Game Console Wii and Nina Ricci Perfume... I want the Wii... I've been eyeing for it ever since I got back from Australia... I really enjoyed playing wii... i think i don't even have to go outdoor to play games... hehehe... talk about laziness...

If you are looking forward to buying a car, why don't you win a Fort Fiesta by joining the Citibank Contest. You've got to check them out coz the Citibank Ready Credit is similar to Credit Card but it is an ATM and Debit Card... you can also apply the Citibank Ready Credit Cheque book.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette Look

This is a great look if you are going to any night functions. It takes about 10 minutes only to do the whole makeup.

Eyes : Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette (Storm Cloud, Charcoal Haze, Polar Ice), MAC 'Engrave' Eyeliner, Benefit Badgal Mascara, MAC Mascara for Volume, Ardell Demi Wispies Faux Eyelash
Cheek : Coastal Scents 28 Blush Blusher Palette, Benefit Sugar Bomb
Lips : Benefit Lana 'Do Tell' Lipstick, NYX Smokey Look Lipgloss.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HTC Aria Review (1st Part) - Unboxing

HTC Aria was officially launched in the 1st Quarter of 2010. Current retail price is RM1,788 but at DiGi, you can obtain it for as low as RM799. Check it out here to know more on this.

I've been using HTC devices since the year 2007, my first device was HTC Touch, later I upgraded to HTC HD2, This is my first Android device, and if you ask me, I think Android is a pretty cool device coz it's really simple and user friendly... Anyway, since I am given an opportunity by Digi and Nuffnang to review HTC Aria for 2 weeks, I would be reviewing it into 3 parts.
Do watch the video of me unboxing the HTC Aria. I love unboxing new devices... hehehe... 

So, you might be wondering what is the content of the box right, here you go!!!The package comes with:

  • HTC Aria
  • 2GB Micro SD Memory Card, 
  • an earphone
  • quick start guide
  • charger + USB
  • some pamphlets on contact information
Following are the specifications of HTC Aria
At the outset, let's look the difference between HTC Aria and other phones..

As you can see HTC HD2 does look bigger but the screen size of Aria is decent than other HTCs such as Touch 2, which is way smaller than these. 

Hahaha... HD2 is quite big for ladies to hold it as it requires big hand to hold it... Aria would definitely fit the ladies interest as it is smaller, sleek and sexier too... Guys, don't get offended, this phone doesn't look too girlish for you to avoid it... Aria is BISEXUAL :P

Stay tuned for the HTC Aria Part 2 Review : Performance

Monday, November 1, 2010

The launch of Blackberry Torch by Celcom

On 29th October 2010, Celcom launched Blackberry Torch officially. I attended the press conference which was scheduled at 3.30pm at the La Bodega Restaurant in Pavillion. I met few other bloggers as well such as Zaid, Kak Ina, and Chearmster  (who look like Azwan Hj.Ali). In the restaurant, there was free flow on the drinks and snacks. I was shocked at the amount of people queuing up for the Blackberry.

Look at the queue, it's freaking long...

As you all may know, first 8 persons get to purchase the Blackberry at RM8, the following 100 will get it at RM488 and the next 100 can purchase it at RM888. The original price is RM2500. So, i say the promotion by Celcom was indeed good... The first person to be there was Andrew and followed by Aina who came there to queue as early as 4am... whoa!!! you heard me right, they came to queue at 4 in the morning.
Andrew and Aina who got the BB for RM8

 Mr. Chee Pok Jin, Chief Marketing Officer Celcom Axiata Berhad is giving his  officiating remarks before launching the device

For those who still wanted to get the Blackberry Torch, you can purchase it at RM1388 for a monthly commitment of RM250. For those who opt for a monthly commitment of RM148 or RM118, you can get the device at only RM1,588 and RM1,688 respectively. Specifically for the corporate clients, Torch is available from as low as RM1,188 with a monthly commitment of RM248 for 24 months. If you are interested and need more information, please visit