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Monday, October 11, 2010

PMR will be abolished in 2016

This topic has nothing to do with beauty as it is suppose to be in my blog... but it is about the future of our next generation... Yesterday's headline on The Star  read 'No more PMR'. I don't know what to say... This decision was made after 2 roundtable sessions. I don't know what is the content of the roundtable sessions but I am quite sure all the students who are supposed to sit for the examinations on 2016 would have jumped of joy. 

To tell the truth, I am a bit scared. Although I am not going to sit for the exam and I don't have a kid who is going to sit for the exam but I am afraid that the students are going to be more playful than ever. I have seen my nephews and nieces who only sit and study when the major exams are just around the corner. Now, with the abolishment is in place, it is going to be worst....but now that I'm writing about it here, it came to my mind that maybe they are not burdened with the pressure of exam...  hmmm... that sounds something positive...

Yup, I guess there is something good coming out of this coz the students will be more relaxed. I still remember reading news about students who were disappointed with their results, committed suicide. In fact, I was disapointed with my PMR results coz I didn't score straight As. I felt I had disgraced my family. Now, I think it is so silly of me to have thought like that. My parents especially my mom had said that she is so proud of me,(although I didnt' become a doctor), of my achievements and etc. 

Maybe replacing PMR with school based assignments will bring some good to the pupils. Parents won't be competitive anymore in comparing their children's achievement and they won't pressure their kids to score all As in their exams. So, what do you think??

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