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Thursday, October 14, 2010

HTC HD 7 is released in Malaysia

Yup, HTC HD 7 is released!!! Hmmm... iPhone 4 was released last month and now HTC HD7... wow.. almost all phone manufacturers are competing to produce the best PDA. On the outset, I am sure that you know that a few months back, Apple has sued HTC alleging, they have infringed iPhone patents and in return HTC has sued Apple back as well with the same reason. Personally, I think that iPhone and HTC are from 2 different world. They can never be the same... Both are good touch phones, in fact if you compare them with other touch phones... I would say these two are the best...

So, back to Windows 7 model, HTC HD7, a GARGANTUAN. It has 512 MB ROM and 576 RAM, it looks like HD2 and like HD2, it has 5 megapixel color camera with dual LED flash that can also be used as a video light when capturing a HD video at 720p. As for the still images, you can select scenes such as candlelight, landscape and portrait to match the environment. It has 3G, unfortunately, you can't do video call because there is no secondary video in front. HTC needs to come up with more phones with video call capability.

There is a kick stand at the back, when you want to watch a movie, so, you no longer have to hold it on your hands... phew... it's tiring to hold it for a long time... hehehe....Internal storage is 8GB in Europe and for Asia it is 16GB... whoohoooo... Now, I don't know why they give more internal storage to 16GB... maybe coz Asian are more kaki download stuff... hehehee... I am one of them too... I like to download loads into my HD2... :P

As for the applications, Notes is a cool one, because it allows you to post reminder on the virtual pin board... I wonder whether I can download it on my HD2. Hmmm... must do some research... Other than that, Sound Enhancer can give some difference when you listen to songs...

If you are already thinking of getting it... I have news for you... Maxis is going to be the first telco bringing in these beauties... So, you are going to have a dilemma in choosing between iPhone 4 or HTC HD7... Market price is not revealed yet in Malaysia... but I have compared the price in US and Europe, so, I think it's going to be between RM2600 - RM3200 here.

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