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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Liverpool vs Everton

Liverpool lost by 2 goals with Everton... Seriously, I don't know why Liverpool are not performing well these days... Today was the first game with their new owners, yet I saw them performing badly... I wonder whether their mood of playing was affected because their owner had changed.

Judging by the game that they played today, I have a few comments or shoud I say it is my hubby who's been complaining about their game.
  1. They need more attacking formation
  2. They need to get rid of Lucas
  3. They need to play Babel and Jovanovic more often
  4. They need another striker
  5. They need a new manager
I think Roy Hodgson needs to view the game on the TV coz obviously he can't see the formation that he has planned. Watching from the screen, makes everything obvious but don't know why and I don't know what was Roy's plan, the game ended with such a bad results. Why does every new manager at the Kop always plays safe football???? Doesn't anyone see that the true Liverpool game play is and has always been attacking. Didn't Roy learn anything from Rafa's blunders?? Wonder what is on John W. Henry's mind... Can he bring the glory days back to the Kop like he has done with the Red Sox.... I sure hope he isn't just planning on making a quick buck and instead is truly interested in the LFC spirit... I say give Roy till the end of November and if things don't turn around for LFC, bring King Kenny back to the helm of the Kop...

God...I hope that things get better...

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