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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sensatia Botanicals

I've been looking for pure facial products for quite some time. I've opted for natural oil (e.g. almond oil) as my facial moisturiser just because it is pure, with no preservative. But, I wanted to add some essential oil to the almond oil so that it will emit a soothing fragrant which can relax my mind... I was thinking of buying the essential oil from the coastal scents.

Well, i'm not going to buy the EO because I've stumbled upon Sensatia botanicals which delivers natural, organic products and made by hand products in the February issue of Female magazine's ad. I looked through their website at, and oh boy, I fell in love with their products. I haven't used them yet, but the explanations in their website is enough to convince me of their products. I've e-mailed the distributor in Malaysia about the products. So, I'm waiting for their reply. Reviews will be posted as soon as i lay my hands on them.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Almond oil is great for skin

I'm 30 this year!!! But the good thing is, not many know that I'm 30. Some are even surprise when they find out. They usually guess my age to be 5 to 6 years younger... i'm flattered... Of course, the compliment comes because of my hard work.

I started to take care of my skin at the age of 14. I don't touch my pimples when I have one. My siblings love to pinch them out... But I don't dare to do it coz I know that it will create a scar for life... I always make sure that I wear the best skincare. No chemical.

Lately, I've been into pure skincare products. I've read in books and websites that almond oil is great for dry skin. So, I invested in sweet almond oil (bought in Fremantle, Perth). I'm using it daily before I go to bed. I've just used it for 2 days, so far i can see that it has reduced my dark eye circle. How am I using it??

1. Place a drop of the oil on your palm.
2. Rub your palms together and massage your face with it.
3. Massage for at least 10 minutes.
4. U can go to sleep (It is best if you just leave the oil on ur face, don't take it off)

Please be reminded that, u follow the contour of your face when u massage, don't pull or drag your skin. If you are still young, say below 25 years old, you can shape your face if you massage correctly. I have high cheek bones now because i massaged.

Oh, yeah... now, I have glowing skin, thanks to the oil... i can apply makeup easily and it lasts longer too...

Friday, February 5, 2010

So long...

Wow, it has been really long since i've blogged... probably because i've been so busy with work and I don't have a good camera to take pictures of the products that I've bought...

Anyway, I went to Australia early this year and I bought Da Vinci's mineral foundation. I was really impressed with the product because it can really cover up my dark circle. My dark eye circles are pretty bad and I need a concealer and a corrector to cover it... but with this foundation, i don't need the concealer and corrector...

AUS$ 79.00

I don't know if you can buy this product here in Malaysia, but I found their website This product can last up to a year coz u only use a little for your entire face. The product does not have an expiry date. I really really love this product because it saves my time and makes my face look flawless too...