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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Increase your Earnings Online through Affiliate Marketing.

Yup, if you are looking to increase your earnings through your blog, Commission Junction is the place you should register yourself. First of all, you need to register yourself at their website which is After registering, you can select your advertisers... they have more than 2000 on their site and 63% of all the big advertisers are registered at CJ. You can pick advertisers who adverstise here in Malaysia. When I checked it out, there were about 400 of them, so, just pick the one which interests you. However, the selection process is upon agreement by the advertisers only. Some of them approve after looking at your site or they will see your blog relevance to their products. After your application is approved, you can select the advertiser and select the banners that you would like to put in your site. It is that simple.

Oh, you might want to know how much they offer right?? Actually, it depends on which advertiser you choose. Some will pay you US$50 per sale and there are also as low as US$0.25 per lead. Most of them offers percentage on how much sales you have brought for the advertisers through the link that you have posted in your website. In short, they will pay by sales or the leads that you give them.

Anyway, I manage to get 14 advertisers for my blog. I had time to add 4 of them only to my site. Good luck to you all and don't forget to register yourself at Commission Junction

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ph1l1p said...

tried it once on my other site but cant generate much...:D