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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Perfect 10

Hahaha... today is 10.10.10, I read the post by Paris B on her She was asking who and what is my perfect 10. Well, my perfect 10 is none other than my dearest husband. Yup, my had turned out so much better after I met him in my life. If there is a woman in every man's success... behind my every success is my husband. He is my motivator, a person who cheers me up when I am down and he is the one who makes my world so beautiful. It has already been 3 years since we've married and 5 years I've known him but I feel I've just known him. I always look forward to see him first thing in the morning and the last person I see at the end of the day.  So, he's my perfect 10. :)

My perfect thing is none other than my handbag by Pierre Ballman which I bought from Pavillion during Raya Sales... I love it so much because I can put all my necessary things in it. I can fit my small diary, office key, umbrella, purse, 2 handphones, hand lotion, perfume, nail cutter, hard disk drive, sunglasses, my makeup bag, cheque book, office keys, house keys, car keys... and I still have more space in it...  My hubby calls me Dibo the Gift Dragon coz what ever he asks for, I'll get it from my bag... hahaha... So, there you go my perfect 10 list. How about you?? What is your perfect 10???


ken said...

my perfect 10.. hmm.. the one i love =)

Mrs Top Monkey said...

Hiya, came by your blog via your comment on Paris Beaverbanks website.

Dibo the Gift Dragon! HAHA!!! As a mother of a toddler, I can SO see where that comment comes from.

Vinnie said...

Mrs. Top Monkey: hahaha... I like it when he calls me that... I'll even make him dance... :P