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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

JS Hair Shampoo for Dry Hair

I have been scouting for a good shampoo which does not contain SLS (sodium Laureal Sulphate). Unfortunately, most of the shampoos do contain this substance. I was using Bodyshop's Hair Shampoo.. although it is good and makes my hair soft... but it is a bit too expensive. A small bottle cost about RM39.90 and it lasts me about 3 months. That doesn't include the hair conditioner which is another RM39.90 as well...

So, one day I went to Kcareshop which was newly opened shop in Bandar Sri Damansara. I went there to get a round brush. And I found this...
I have never heard this brand before, so i was skeptical at first. But I've been using this for almost a year, I'm telling you, this is the best shampoo i've ever used. I tried other shampoos such as sunsilk, rejoice, etc... they make my hair really dry. So, I'm sticking to this brand till I die... hahaha... anyway, I bought the biggest bottle which was 800ml (both shampoo and hair condioner) for only RM156. I even got a small bottle of conditioner for free. And the best part is it lasted for a year. Yup, u heard me right, FOR A YEAR... i wash my hair 2 days once. I think it's a pretty good deal... hehehe...

oh yeah, u can also purchase this at make sure u be a member too because you can turn your points to cash. I'm collecting my points too... :)

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