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Friday, March 26, 2010

MAC Eye Liner

Powerpoint EyeLiner RM62

I've been scouting for good eye liners. I did find one, Benefit BAd Gal eye liner... it is good, unfortunately, it smudges easily. An hour after wearing them, i'll have racoon eyes...
Recently, I visited the MAC Store in Sogo. I like this particular MA there, a malay girl... she's quite friendly and really helpful. She saw that my eyeliner was smudged, so she recommended me MAC eyeliner. I thought that there is no such thing as non smudge eye liner except for gel liner of course... but i was proved wrong... this POWERPOINT eyeliner 'Engraved' is really really super black and the best part is, it doesn't smudge... I really love the colour, and I love the way it enhances my eyes... I'm quite glad that I found this...

Next, on the same day, the MA recommended me an oil based makeup remover. She said that my face has blemishes now compared to the last time she saw me... she blamed it on the cleanser that i use... improper cleansing can leave some makeup residue left on my face, that's why it clogs my pores, which causes the blemishes...
So, I bought it (yeah, i buy whatever recommended as good) but what the girl said is true... ever since i started using this, i stop having blemishes, and my face is free from blemishes... I have my soft, clean skin back... whooohooo... price RM115 (i think, coz it's been a month since i bought it, so i forgot the price but i'm sure it is around there)

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