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Friday, September 17, 2010

Reebok Crosswalk V7 Treadmill

Ever since i started working, I've stop taking care of my health... I don't exercise much and I've put up almost 10kg in 5 years. Trust me, gaining weight was not easy for me because I've been 44kg since I was 18. However, I started working at 25 and I've started putting on weight. But now, I think i've reached maximum coz for almost 3 years i'm static at 53kg.

Anyway, I"m 30 this year and if I start practising healthy life, I might be having heart attack at the age of 35 ( I do have a friend who passed away because of heart attack at a mere age of 30). So, my family was looking for a good treadmill because we all get lazy to go to gym. Furthermore, the gym in our neigbourhood is not fully equipped and sometimes we had to queue to use the treadmill...

To make long story short, we have found Reebok Crosswalk V7 Treadmill. I didn't know reebok makes treadmill. But it's a pretty good investment.Reason?? It has different type of endurance, such as for performance, weight loss and aerobic. The treadmill has a slot where you can slot in an i-fit card. When we purchase the treadmill we got 2 i-fit cards for free. One was for weight loss and another is powerwalk.

The cost is RM5,999. Oh, the treadmilll also have the crosswalk upper body arms which help you to burn 22% more calories and increase your cardio benefits and heart rate by 18%. Ever since I've started using it (for about 2 months), i've lost about 2 kilo. I exercise once a week only coz my metabolic rate is a bit on the highside. I feel lighter and healthier. 

You can get this at your nearest fitnessconcept store. We bought this in their branch located in One-Utama.  

1 comment:

Cerita Hannah dan Heidi said...

u still guna treadmill nih?
ok x treadmill brand reebok nih?
please reply me back..if u nak let go ke...hehe..