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Monday, September 20, 2010

Benefits Sugar Bomb and YouRebel Lite

My latest addition to my Make-up Kit is the Benefit You Rebel which contains SPF15 and Benefits Sugar Bomb. Actually, I’ve always wanted to get this ever since I saw my favourite Youtube Guru, itsjudytime used it in one of her tutorial. But since I had a MAC’s foundation, I didn’t buy it earlier. 

However, lately, my skin is not in good condition, probably due to my hormone. My face was clean from acnes and spots but now, it looks reddish and prone to acne. My dark eye circle has become worse. I am telling you, my face has never been like this… I hate HORMONES…

Anyway, back to YOUREBEL, I think the Rebel made my skin not to be rebellious :) and it's a lot softer and not so dry. My skin was peeling because it was very … very dry, but after spreading this on my face, I no longer have the problem. In fact, my face looks glowy. I've been using this quite a while and I just love this product. I don’t need foundation as this precious contains a touch of tint and did I mention it contains SPF 15, aloe vera and vitamins. Perhaps that’s what makes it to have the healthy glow… :) if you are wondering about the price, it's RM 123.

SUGARBOMB has the most attractive package. That’s why I was attracted to it in the first place. The blusher gave my cheek a natural blush. This BOMB is a mix of peach, mauve, pink & rose. You can even powder them on your face to give you an extra healthy glow. But I find it to be a bit pricey just for a blusher which is RM130.

Yup! the blusher costs more than the YouRebel. I guess $$$ does not show as a big problem when you really want to make yourself beautiful. Hahaha...

I think buying this products online is way cheaper than buying it here in Malaysia. You can get them at They give free international shipping if you purchase more than $115. So, all you got to do is get a few friends and start buying. They give some freebies frequently too if you have sign up for their newsletter.

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