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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

HTC Aria Review (1st Part) - Unboxing

HTC Aria was officially launched in the 1st Quarter of 2010. Current retail price is RM1,788 but at DiGi, you can obtain it for as low as RM799. Check it out here to know more on this.

I've been using HTC devices since the year 2007, my first device was HTC Touch, later I upgraded to HTC HD2, This is my first Android device, and if you ask me, I think Android is a pretty cool device coz it's really simple and user friendly... Anyway, since I am given an opportunity by Digi and Nuffnang to review HTC Aria for 2 weeks, I would be reviewing it into 3 parts.
Do watch the video of me unboxing the HTC Aria. I love unboxing new devices... hehehe... 

So, you might be wondering what is the content of the box right, here you go!!!The package comes with:

  • HTC Aria
  • 2GB Micro SD Memory Card, 
  • an earphone
  • quick start guide
  • charger + USB
  • some pamphlets on contact information
Following are the specifications of HTC Aria
At the outset, let's look the difference between HTC Aria and other phones..

As you can see HTC HD2 does look bigger but the screen size of Aria is decent than other HTCs such as Touch 2, which is way smaller than these. 

Hahaha... HD2 is quite big for ladies to hold it as it requires big hand to hold it... Aria would definitely fit the ladies interest as it is smaller, sleek and sexier too... Guys, don't get offended, this phone doesn't look too girlish for you to avoid it... Aria is BISEXUAL :P

Stay tuned for the HTC Aria Part 2 Review : Performance


Robb said...

what a lovely phone! :D

Cik Agogo said...

why is it took almost 40 seconds from on to start??? huhu...

is it because of battery for the first time used??

lily said...

Hi Cosmocraze woman,

can you pls share with me the performance of Aria? need your part 2 review. I am thinking to get either Wildfire or Aria, if Aria, will get it from Digi cos cheaper.

Thanks in advance.


Vinnie said...

Hi lily,
actually I do have the 2nd, 3rd and 4th preview of the HTC ARia. try to click the HTC tag on my blog, but if u want to choose between wildfire or aria, I'd say wildfire coz it has flash but aria does not. U need to take photos in well lit area for aria. wildfire's battery last longer though than aria. Prices are about the same. When u are getting one, make sure u test both and see which one u like. best of luck...