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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HTC Aria 2nd Part Review- Productivity

Android, I wonder how they come up with the name… but it sounds cool though… and I love the Icon for android… looks like the robot from Star Wars, the only thing is it's green and white… hahaha…

Well, I am not sure how many of you out there who is well versed in the Android, I am certainly not one of the group. I’ve been using Windows all this while. Previously, I own HTC Touch and now HTC HD2. When I got this phone, Digi staff was telling me that HD2 is definitely more high tech than Aria and I might think that it is not as good as HD2… I beg to differ…

As you can see, I slide the screen horizontally to access other interface

Speed HTC Aria runs Google’s Android OS 2.1 and it didn’t take me long to master it. I was amazed because I find the touch screen responds faster than my HD2… I gave the phone to a colleague of mine (who uses iPhone) to get his feedback, he also responded that the touch screen is a lot smoother and very fast. My colleague was quite impressive when I said that Aria at DiGi is RM799 only, which is very very reasonable… (I have convinced my friends to get them and 2 of my friends have already bought it… hahaha... i can get commission for being PRO for digi :P)

The speed 600Mhz is good enough for this device coz it doesn’t lag (my HD2 lags so much now :( sad…) I have downloaded some games and other productivity programmes (which I will review later) but I found that it still runs fast and quick to respond as well.

Camera is way better than my HD2 because it has face detection and it minimize the shaking problem. Unfortunately, Aria does not come with built in flash, so the camera is only good if you take pictures under good lighting. I am sure this is not a big problem coz lots of people carries a camera everywhere (I am one of the people… hehehe my lovely Nikon coolpix S3000) Other than that, you can take video and it can be zoomed in and out.

It’s a bit cumbersome to take your own picture because there is no camera button on the side, you need to press the joystick button to take pictures.

Battery Life is relatively good. Lower number of calls, play games once in a while, check emails and browse internet (wifi switched on automatically when it detects wireless), the battery lasted about 1 ½ day. I think it’s pretty good for 1200mAh battery.

By the way, you can never get lost with Aria coz everything that you need whether from your phone or internet, all you got to do is press the search key and find what you are looking for.
I just key in 3 beginning letters and it shows the results
Next, the calendar is an awesome feature for both business users, professionals or students. You can input your appointment and it can be featured in one of the interface in the main screen. 

Do you guys get lost when ever you try to go somewhere... well, I do... so, MAPS come to the rescue... Maps is connected to the google, so, you always get the updated map

If you ask me, Aria is your perfect personal assistance.

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