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Friday, November 12, 2010

HTC Aria DiGi Final Review -Entertainment

Hehehe, I love phones which is able to kill my boredom and I am certain that most of us do too... HTC Aria offers just that, my dear friends... You can equipped it with high class entertainment for sure, thanks to the Android Market. You might think that since Android is still new, they do not have many free applications... EEEKKKK (Buzzer sound), you are so wrong!!!... Android has so so so so many free applications in the Android Market. I was freaking surprised when I saw the amount of cool applications that they have... and the best part is, it's free... They have almost all the applications that I wanted in my phone... As I mentioned before, HTC Aria can be perfect Personal Assistance for you, wait... wait... I can hear you asking my why is that so??? I've listed down why I think it is a perfect PA, and after reading my entry, I am sure you'll be grabbing your wallet and head to the nearest digi store to get the Aria with the smart plan for yourself.

 1. Music - you can listen to your favourite music when you are commuting in a public transport. No need to bring a mp3 player
 2. When you want some fun, you can play games


Pacman is back rocking in Aria
3.To work out your rusty brain, try IQ Tester

4. Going shopping, tag Aria along with you, list down all your necessities and key in the price, as you buy them, all you need to do is tick it off your list. Now, you have a great reason to go shopping

6. Would like to track your money, use EEBA

Budget your expenses and record your daily transaction
So, now do you agree with me??? It's an awesome company right... This is my last review and I will be returning this beauty to Nuffnang... I am so sad to depart HTC Aria as I am getting really fond of it... I am not going to be able to play my favourite game 'Frog' and buy groceries, I've got to go back to plain paper. I am really looking forward for the day to be reunited with Aria.

Anyway, readers, if you are looking for a good phone which you expect to be a great companion which does finance, play games, help you to shop or connect you to the world, and at a good price, get Aria at DiGi as cheap as RM799 (RP - RM1799) with plan as low as RM68.

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